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Sweet Pea – Soft tissue sarcoma at 16

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On 8/15/17 we dropped Sweet Pea off at the vet’s office for her x-rays to see if there were any other masses and the vet was going to try to aspirate the mass to see if he could get any fluid from it to view/have tested. The good news is that we learned nothing of┬áconcern was found on the x-rays (no other masses), but the not-so-good news was that the vet suspected spindle cell sarcoma from what he could see under the microscope…..{sigh}…..The next step was a consult with Oncology at the vet specialists office to see what our options were, and by this point ‘amputation being the best option’ had been mentioned. This was concerning to me, but equally as concerning was the fact that Sweet Pea’s appetite had, and continued to decrease…..significantly.

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Posted by on August 31st, 2017 at 5:28 pm